Interspire Shopping Cart

Type of Program: e-commerce software
Supported Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux
Company Name: Interspire
Version: 3.5 Ultimate
Price: $1795 USD


I see and try a broad range of software and in the main can pick up how to use it very quickly. Not so with shopping carts, they have beaten me with alarming regularity and they are always excruciatingly difficult to install and set up. With Interspire Shopping Cart I feel like I've died and gone to shopping cart heaven. Installation was a breeze, you simply upload the Interspire Shopping Cart files and then go to where you uploaded using your browser and the installation starts automatically. Just fill in the easy to understand form on screen and that's it! It will even help you to setup the MySQL database.

Interspire Shopping Cart is packed to the rafters with features and none of them are daunting, I do advise watching the on line tour which demonstrates the ease of use of this software.

The program comes with a pile of templates all of which are customizable and can be changed on the fly from the easy to use browser based admin center. There is an excellent data import facility which makes setting up an almost instant shop from exports from CubeCart, OS Commerce, X-Cart, ZenCart or a csv file simplicity itself. I obtained a product feed from a wholesaler in CSV format and had what was virtually a working shop with 1400 products in multiple categories in approximately 25 minutes. Any customization afterwards was simple using the browser based admin center.

Other features include: Multiple product options, 20 Payment Providers, Marketing and advertising tools, Automatic Google Adwords generator,Statistics and analytics,Integrated payment and shipping providers,Order processing, Multiple currency support,Shipping zones,Synchronization with Intuit QuickBooks, Content management system, Shopper tools, Developer documentation, Add-ons, Drag and drop design and Private labeling.

Attract customers - Interspire Shopping Cart's professional design capabilities allows users to offer the look and feel of a reputable business with capabilities to attract prospects and retain customers.

Improve sales and revenue - Interspire Shopping Cart incorporates offers the tools store owners need to sell more products and store management capabilities to improve order processing and fulfillment.

Cultivate relationships - built in promotional and marketing tools allow store owners to reach out to customers and prospects with special offers, discounts and more

Improve overall shopping experience - Whether adding new products or updating news items, Interspire Shopping Cart allows store owners to make immediate changes to improve their customer's experience.

Better service - access to the Interspire help system 24/7 means store owners have dedicated support so problems are resolved rapidly resulting in better service for their customers

Google Adwords Generator - Interspire Shopping Cart 3.5 increases conversion rates significantly with auto generated campaigns for importing into Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing Ad Generator, saving store owners between five to 100 hours.

There is an excellent support system with easy clear help files, on line tour, on line tutorials and 24/7 support. I have covered only a fraction of the features in this software and if you want a list of all features then go here

The version I used was the "Ultimate" and there are two other versions under "Ultimate" with correspondingly less features and lower price. A full list can be found here.

Interspire Shopping Cart is quite simply the best shopping cart I have come across so far. I found it exceptionally easy to understand and use and the amount of features included is astounding. If you are serious about selling on line then this is the tool to use.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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