Type of Program: Note
Supported Platforms: Win XP/Vista
Company Name: Logos Reseach Systems, Inc.
Price: $20
Installed Size:


The installation of NoteScraps is easy and intuitive, however you can't place the program files where you want them.

After you get NoteScraps installed the program automatically opens. That is when you find out that the trial version is limited to 10 notes. Fair enough.

It opens to a new note. So to take advantage of that I typed in some information that I wanted to save. After I had it typed in I wondered now what, how do I save it? The first time I tried clicking on the NoteScraps icon on the upper left corner, that worked. Then I found out that if you just click anywhere in the program it saves the note.

Ok here is the deal NoteScraps is a program for you to make notes about anything then sort of tack them resized to a thing resembling a bulletin board.

I'll bet you are saying big-deal who needs it? We actually I did and I imagine that you do too. Here is why, first of remember that I said the note is automatically resized well that is nice, plus you can also right click on any note to change the color of your note paper to any one of 5 colors. Yeah you say what happens when I get a whole bunch of these note thingys, how do I find what I need? Easy Grasshopper just use the handy search feature and presto you find it.

It sounds simple, it is simple, there are Hot Keys to make new notes and to use the search feature.

In conclusion NoteScraps is easy to use and I think that you will find it as useful as I did.

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User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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