Interspire Knowledge Manager

Type of Program: Knowledge Base Creator
Supported Platforms: Linux/Unix/Windows
Company Name: Interspire
Price: $495 for 5 Staff Logins


When I am asked to review software from Interspire I just know it is going to be incredibly thorough in its content yet so simple to use. Interspire Knowledge Manager is no exception.

Interspire Knowledge Manager allows you to share information from your website or Intranet with an enterprise-grade knowledge base, reducing customer support, improving staff productivity and eliminating time wasted searching for information across disparate systems such as shared folders and paper documents. Knowledge Manager can reduce in-bound support requests by making it easy for customers to find answers to their own problems instead of submitting emails or calling your support department. Knowledge Manager allows staff to share company documents and procedures. Whether your staff are in one physical location or one hundred, Interspire Knowledge Manager makes it easy for them to share, search, rate and print company documents, procedures and more. Interspire Knowledge Manager can reduce staff training time by providing new staff members with a list of company-wide policies, procedures and how-to guides to read in your knowledge base, they can be up and running quicker. You reduce staff training time significantly and give new staff members a "hands on" approach to learning.

New features in Version 5 include:
Microsoft SQL Server support
A complete workflow approval system
Integrated news posting and syndication
Search and index attachments (Word 2003/XP/2007, PowerPoint, PDF, JPG/GIF and HTML)
Mark articles as featured for display on the home page
Better statistics and detailed user/staff activity reporting
Database speed improvements of up to 15x on a basic shared server

The features the program contains are to numerous to produce here but a full list is available at or you could watch the excellent screencast at .

If you want to build a Knowledge Base with ease then this is the software for you. Using plain English and with explanations of every step, excellent support and video tours you really cant go wrong.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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