Type of Program: Wysiwyg Web Design Studio
Supported Platforms: WinXP/2000/Vista (32-bit)
Company/Authors Name: - Julian Spencer
Price: GBP 39.99 - USD 59.99 - Euros 49.99 (Check website for price during recession)


This release of Antenna 3 has been much anticipated and not without reason, we all thought that V 2.7 was the ultimate web design program for both novice and experienced users and would be really hard to improve on. Version 3 has achieved what seemed the impossible with over 200 enhancements and improvements which have been rigorously tested (I know as I am a beta tester for this version) to ensure that as far as possible there are no bugs. The result is a robust website design program which enables the user to create stunning websites easily whether novice or experienced.

Antenna has built in graphics facilities for creating professional photo galleries, smooth shapes and gradients, stylish buttons, and its own site publisher. You can make changes to your site and the publisher will upload only those changes saving time on large sites. A much improved enlargeable workspace makes using Antenna much easier and built in tools such as PhotoRazor, Button Lab and Gradient Lab ensure you can get the best possible look for your design. The facility for creating a site theme page is a first class addition enabling any objects placed on the site.theme page will also appear on all the other web pages in your project automatically. Make an alteration to the site theme page, ie change a menu item, and it will automatically be changed site wide. You can override the site theme on individual pages with a "Page include". Several templates are also supplied and more are available from the Antenna Extras section of the Antenna website. Creating forms is a simple process with the PHP form handler that comes with each new project. You can also open multiple projects and cut and paste objects and pages between them. HTML code can be inserted and positioned by dragging and dropping . Different css styles can be applied to selected words and phrases. Images can be placed on the page by simply dragging and dropping the file name.

I could go on and fill several screens with features and all that is good about V3 but it is simpler to go to Here for a full explanation of improvements and changes. There are excellent online tutorials and a very friendly forum for help from not only the author but from experienced users world wide who always seem willing to help.

I have tried many website design programs in the course of reviewing, many of them excellent, but for preference I always return to Antenna which always has the edge over the competition. Price wise Antenna is unbeatable at 39.99

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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