Type of Program: Utility/Database/Info/Graphics/Web Design
Supported Platforms: Windows All
Company Name: Omnicognic, LLC
Version: 1.0.765
Price: Free or 49.99
Installed Size: 28 Mb


The installation of InfoFind is easy and intuitive, you can place the program files where you want them.

The people at Omnicognic have put lots of thought into InfoFind. What they have done is make many things that can be done with your computer easier and more intuitive. Here is how they describe what InfoFind does:
InfoFind is a computer program that improves your computer experience because InfoFind organizes a variety of files and data from different programs into one easy to use program, and InfoFind allows you to do many difficult computer tasks with ease. InfoFind works with all versions of Windows and provides easy to use help with every screen so that you always know what to do. InfoFind has something for everyone. Some of the main features of InfoFind include:

* Ability to View and Clear a Computer's History
* Look up words with InfoFind's Dictionary
* Convert between Metric, Imperial, and Traditional Units
* Perform Advanced Calculations with one of many Calculators
* File and Text Encryption
* File Management, File Viewing, and File Editing
* Creating Drawings and Sketches with a Tablet PC
* View Pictures, Images, and Create Web Page Slide Shows
* Organize and Play all of your Music, and Videos with one Program
* View and Edit all Popular Database Formats
* Easily Create Databases Applications at Home or at Work
* Computer Security Help

I think that the real beauty of InfoFind is the way it explains each feature as you use them. Here is an example:
InfoFind Quick Help

Who is this Form for and where would I use it?
This form is useful for anyone who views photos or pictures on a computer.

What is this Form for?
This form displays photos and pictures on your computer or on network folders.

When and why would you use this Form?
Most photo and picture viewing programs display images with small thumbnails but this form displays the files with large thumbnails so you can clearly see what each file shows and this form allows you to search for pictures by file name. In addition to showing pictures, InfoFind will allow you to create web page slide shows. There are many ways that you can use the slide shows such as adding it to a web site or creating a picture CD.

How do I use this Form?
When you open this form you will be taken to your personal pictures folder. From there you can view any picture that you can access on your local hard drive or network drives. Click on the folder that you want to see on the folder tree view on the left. If you want to search for photos or pictures click on the top level folder and then enter search text at the top of the form. Type the [enter] key or click go and then InfoFind will display all matching pictures. InfoFind may take up to several minutes to view a folder the first time because InfoFind is busy creating the highest quality image thumbnail previews. However when you go back to view the folder the next time it will be very quick to load and you can see each image with a large thumbnail preview. To create a web page slide show click on the button [Export to Web Page] in the toolbar at the top of InfoFind, or press [Ctrl]-W on the keyboard while selecting an image.

InfoFind also has a bunch of tools for Webpage designers, advanced table sorting, Web page animation, picture slide shows, CSS form validation, partial page updates (AJAX) and more.

So who needs InfoFind? That is an easy question to answer - EVERYONE!  InfoFind does so many things that both the novice computer user to the advanced user will find themselves using InfoFind to do many tasks better and easier.

In conclusion run - don't walk to the InfoFind site and download it!

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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