Smiles Per Gallon 2009

Type of Program: Home/Hobby
Supported Platforms: Win 98/XP/Vista
Company Name: Entropy 101
Price: $9.95 Donation?
Installed Size:


The installation of Smiles Per Gallon 2009 is easy and intuitive, you can not place the program files where you want them. Also I thought it a bit strange that when the installation started another program of mine UltraMon crashed. Then I got a screen that actually said: Nag Screen! This message will disappear when a valid license file is installed. I thought this a bit strange because when the company submitted the software to us for review they stated it is free.

Ok this is pretty simple stuff. But lets face it sometimes simple stuff is all we need. Basically all Smiles Per Gallon 2009 does is let you easily figure out your gasoline mileage and store the results. Take a look.


Ok about the Nag screen and the register. First of all I can't tell if there is time limit on running it. Take a look at the screenshot. I guess we might call this donation-ware?

Well it does work so there you are..

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by John Shaw

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