Website X5 Evolution8

Type of Program: WebSite Creation
Supported Platforms: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Company Name: Incomedia
Version: 8
Price: 59.95 Euros


"The easiest way to create professional websites, blogs and webshops" is the manufacturers claim for WebSite X5 Evolution8 and they are not wrong.  Almost anybody, regardless of age and computer knowledge, would not have any difficulty in getting to know and use WebSite X5 Evolution8.

Just look at what this program is capable of !

·                      Webshop with credit card payments (supports PayPal™ credit card payments)

·                      Blog with Podcast and Videocast (with support for YouTube™ videos)

·                      Internal website search

·                      E-mail forms with anti-spam filters

·                      News and RSS Feed

·                      Web 2.0 ready

·                      Video, Sound and Flash™ Animations

·                      Embedded content

·                      Reserved Areas with secure login and password

·                      Multi-language websites

WebSite X5 Evolution8 comes with 1400 templates which have editable headers and footers or there is the facility to create custom templates. The design of this software is to enable you to create websites, blogs and webshops in 5 steps as follows

1. Choose your Design

With over 1,400 templates, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on the look of your website. Each template has been professionally designed and is easily customisable to make your website unique, all without the fuss of having to learn to be a graphic designer. Even power users can benefit from WebSite X5. It’s the perfect tool for quickly creating professional website templates before making using of the built-in image, table, text effects and HTML editors. WebSite X5 even provides for the creation of an unlimited number of pages and an unlimited number of websites!

2. Layout your Website

WebSite X5 is designed to cope with everything from a single ‘hello world’ web page, to a complex site filled with hundreds of highly detailed pages. The intelligent website layout features make organising your site simple. Group similar pages into one of four levels, these are then automatically converted into the website menus. WebSite X5 also intelligently manages your website. Features such as the automatic sitemap generator makes your website easy to use for visitors and easy for Internet search engines to find.

3. Enter your Content

WebSite X5 includes a unique content entry system. The object palette supplies intelligent tools for entering every type of web page content - words, pictures, tables, animations, video, slide shows and much more. The content layout tool divides each page into content zones, onto which you drag and drop your choice of content from the object palette. WebSite X5 lets you create even the most complex of page layouts with just a few clicks.

4. Select your Advanced Features

WebSite X5 is second to none when it comes to the ease with which advanced features can be added to your website. Whether you need blogs and podcasts, a members’ area or a full e-commerce system (including the ability to take credit card payments), it is all at your fingertips. WebSite X5 is fully equipped to attract worldwide visitors with its multi-language welcome page and one-click Social Network submission function.

5. Put your site on the Internet

Once you have finished creating your website, the final step is to send it to the Internet. Using any web space, the built-in ftp engine makes it child’s play to publish your website. But it doesn’t stop there; whenever you want to update your website (for example by adding a news item), WebSite X5 intelligently sends just the updates to the web space.

WebSite X5 Evolution8 includes a manual, online support, online video tutorials and a lively forum.  To sum up WebSite X5 is the outstanding tool that helps turn your website dreams into reality. It’s packed with advanced tools to help you create professional websites with all of the eye-catching features you see on the web’s very best sites.  It is very easy to use, take a look at created by myself using Website X5 in no time at all.

I highly recommend this program.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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