Corel Paint Shop Pro X

Type of Program: Graphics
Supported Platforms: Win XP/2000/Vista
Company Name: Corel
Version: 10.10
Price: Free
Installed Size: 175Mb


The installation of Paint Shop Pro X is easy and intuitive, you can not place the program files where you want them. The install is a bit different than usual though, I downloaded an exe, when I ran that I was asked where wanted the installation files extracted to. It suggested a place on the C: drive under Program Files, I thought that a new folder in the place where I stored the downloaded file was a better place. During the install you are asked if you want Desktop and Quick Launch icons.

The first time you start Corel Paint Shop Pro X you are told that to get free Creative Content you must register. Fair enough. I did it. Warning, when you get to the actual downloading part of the free Creative Content you are asked to download "The Download Manager " I didn't since I already use GetRight.

After all that what is there to say about the actual software? Well there is lots to say Paint Shop Pro is the granddaddy of software for improving and working with photos. The amount of tools is tremendous, the ease of use is just right and Paint Shop Pro has always been known for one other thing - a great Help system that will easily walk you through any part of the software.

You do get a nag screen every time you close Corel Paint Shop Pro X trying to get you to upgrade to their higher version.

In conclusion - still great suff! Plus you can't beat the price.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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