Spb Insight

Type of Program: Text News Reader
Supported Platforms: Win Mobile/Smartphone
Company Name: Spb Software
Version: 1.51
Price: $19.95
Installed Size: 2.4 Mb


The installation of Spb Insight is easy and intuitive you get the choice of downloading either a CAB file or an EXE. I choose the CAB. I then copied the CAB onto my Dell Axim and ran the file. The first thing that happened was Spb Insight wanted to know whether I wanted Spb Insight installed on my device or my CF card. I choose the card. Then I got a screen that asked a few questions, like how did I want Spb Insight to connect to the Internet, updating of channels, channel ratings, and the Today plugin. I selected all of them.

When I first opened Spb Insight I was lead to a screen for selecting new channels. The choices are Online Catalog (Default) RSS/Atom feed URL, OPML, Search, and Local Templates. I choose the Default Online Catalog. Spb Insight then went online and downloaded the online Online Catalog, it took about a minute. The next screen is a with a file structure in it that has many, many choices of News sorted in an intuitive way. Pick the ones you want and you are all set!

Once again the folks at Spb have done an amazing job. If you want to read news on your PDA or Smartphone go get Spb Insight. I guarantee you will like it.

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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