Spb Phone Suite

Type of Program: Win Mobile Phone
Supported Platforms: Win Mobile
Company Name: SPB Software
Version: 1.3
Price: $19.95


The installation was simple and intuitive: download the app as a .cab or .exe (I recommend the former since you need to install the .exe from your computer while the .cab can be installed straight off your phone). You will be asked whether you want to install the app on your phones internal memory or on your memory card (amusing you have one) after which you'll be asked to let the app soft reset your phone (don't worry you shouldn't loose anything, at least everything seems in place).

The app itself adds a new menu to the today screen (the first screen you see after the Windows Mobile startup) containing medium sized buttons for missed calls, unread messages, unread media messages and emails with numbers under each for the quantity of missed calls/messages. You can also add shortcuts to specific contacts and a picture (though not necessary) for each which will be displayed on the SPB today menu (all in a few really easy clicks).

To make the deal sweeter they added a shortcut to enabling your wireless connections (among other things) AND a shortcut to preset and customizable phone modes which will put your phone on silent or put on the hands free mode and more. The app comes with call barring options and (something I find particularly cool) the option of your phone automatically responding to a call with a message saying that your not available or anything else you may wish to say. These were what I find to be the most notable features (yes there still is more).

Overall a really useful app which will saves a lot of time for any Windows Mobile user.

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Reviewed by Sunny Day Cloud

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