Type of Program: Media acquisition and manipulation
Supported Platforms: Windows XP/Vista
Company Name: Audials
Version: 3.0.4981.7200
Price: $59.90/Ä44,90
Installed Size: 461.00MB


Audialsone installs like a charm enabling you to place the program where you want.

Audialsone is quite a piece of work, itís essentially four different programs combined enabling you to burn (copy and make cdís) (, convert (video and audio), remove DRM (Digital Rights Management) (The Tunebite part) , record videos (I.E. YouTube) and audio files off the net (the mp3videoraptor part) AND most importantly Audialsone (the Radiotracker part) enables the you to copy music off the internet LEGALLY!!!!!(Donít believe me? Take a look Here.

To download music with Audialsone one must specify a track or band that will then be searched for on internet radio stations, needless to say to get your music you will have to wait till it is played somewhere on the net. Not impressed? Audialsone will even go thru the music you already have as not to download duplicates and add album art and fix meta tags(info about mp3ís stored inside of each specific mp3 like song, band and album), you can also cut your music and create ring tones and a plethora of other awesome tools. All of which is packed in to a great G.U.I. (graphical user interface) though seemingly confusing at first you will, after a bit of tampering, master all the basics without ever having to consult the help section.

Audialsone does nothing short of redefine the media industry by letting the user legally attain an infinite quantity of media (yeah thatís right audio AND video) at the touch of a button and as if that was not enough they also added burning, converting, ID3 tag editing, fade cutting, filtering and time based recording options.

Audialsone literally and I mean literally has it all.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by SunnyDayCloud

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