Horoscopes 2009

Type of Program: Personalized horoscopes
Supported Platforms: Win XP/Vista/7
Company Name: My-Software
Price: GBP 19.95


Horoscopes 2009 is another quality piece of software in the fast growing personalization market. With this software you can create your own personalized Horoscope scrolls, greeting cards and more! Enter any name and birth date and this Horoscopes software will generate a personalized scroll, greeting card etc. which can be printed to give to friends and family as the perfect gift for any special occasion! There is also potential for commercial use and Print on Demand and Lithograph printing are supported.

Each print out contains personalized information based upon any name and birth date including Horoscope, Birth Stone, Chinese New Year, Attractions, Virtues, Special Flower, Famous People who share the same birthday and Personal Profile etc. All you have to do is enter the name and birth date etc. Create scrolls, greeting cards, key rings, fridge magnets, mugs, mouse mats and other personalized gifts for any occasion. You can also download additional backgrounds & formats for FREE

The program includes UK and USA databases, covering any date of birth from 1900 to present day with many interesting facts personalized for each special date of birth.

This is exceptional value for money with the potential to create yourself a regular income.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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