Driver Robot

Type of Program: System Utility
Supported Platforms:  Win XP/Vista/7
Company Name: Blitware
Version:  1.0
Price:  $39.95
Installed Size: 11.4 MB


I downloaded Driver Robot and installed it.  Right after that I imaged my disk.  It's a good thing I did that too.
When I scanned with Driver Robot, I saw 1 thing immediately that I didn't like.  After the scan it gave me basically two options.  To purchase to see what drivers where available or to "Risk It" and face possible system instability by not doing so.  (Those weren't the exact words, but it wasn't very far off.)  I seriously dislike programs that use "scare mongering" tactics into purchasing a license.  First and foremost if your system is running stable, updating the drivers can cause instability.  A lot of people aren't aware of that.
Once I activated the copy I have with the license key I obtained, I was then able to find out what drivers were out of date on my system.  I knew of one, but didn't care because all worked fine.  It scanned and found 14 that were "Out of Date". 
I noticed right away that something was wrong.  My Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 video card driver was out of date.  That's the one I knew was out of date.  But, it showed that I needed a 518.61 MB download for this.  I had to look twice at that one since Nvidia shows the driver download on their site to be 38 MB.  So I went and looked deeper.  It wanted to download and install on my computer (with an Intel board and Intel chipset with a Nvidia AGP card) a complete suite of drivers for a Nvidia Chipset!! I'm glad I'm knowledgeable.  I ignored it.
Then I discounted all other drivers as incorrect also since I went to all other vendors sites and found out I have the latest drivers.   But one still got my attention.  I figured well, I'll give it a shot.  I imaged my system anyway.  So I downloaded and attempted to install the Soundmax Digital Audio driver it said was out of date.  In the middle of the installation I got a "Blue Screen of Death".   My computer crashed.  Now my system has run stable since Feb of 2004.  I had to restore my OS from the image.  Thank goodness I backed it up first. 
My computer wouldn't start.
So now after restoring my image, this is my review and my experience with Driver Robot.
Is it worth the $39.95?  In my opinion, NO!   I wouldn't take it if it were free.
P.S.  I also forgot to mention that this program has a lot of stability problems too.  It froze up on me a lot.  I tested it on XP SP3.

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Reviewed by Dan W.

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