Type of Program: Microsoft Excel Add-In
Supported Platforms: Excel 2003 and higher
Company Name: Optimalon Software
Version: 1.0
Price: $69
Installed Size: 1.8 Mb


1DCutX is an Excel Add-In to aid in cutting lengths of material.

The first thing I found out during the install was that to use 1DCutX I needed to install the Shared Add-in Support Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (KB908002), well, so I did. Actually 1DCutX did it for me. The installation of is easy and intuitive, you can place the program files where you want them. The downloaded package is a full function version, but before registration it has the following restrictions:
- 15 days trial period.
- Maximum 2 (two) sizes of linear stocks.
- Maximum 5 (five) sizes of linear parts.

To use 1DCutX with Excel:
After restarting Microsoft Excel you can lunch the 1DCutX in the following ways:

Excel 2003:
1. Select Tools... in the main menu.
2. Click on the Length (1D) Cutting Optimization... menu item.

Excel 2007:
1. Select Add-Ins in the main menu.
2. Click on the Length (1D) Cutting Optimization... ribbon element.

I use Excel 2007 and those directions got me there intuitively.

Ok let me be upfront right away. I'm an Excel idiot. So when I saw the You Tube demo video it turned the light on.

I suggest that you do the same idiot or not..

Not only does 1DCutX make sense, it is easy to use. With it you can not only figure out how many lengths of (say 12 foot lumber, 18 foot pipes) you can see how to cut them, figure the cost and print out the results. What a boon!

In conclusion if you are cutting up anything 1DCutX is for you!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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