PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant

Type of program: Windows Upgrade
Supported platforms: Win 9X/NT/ME/2K/XP/Vista
Not compatible with Windows 64-bit Operating Systems
Company name: Lsplink
Cost: $19.95


My purpose in using PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant was to upgrade my computer from Vista 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit without having to reinstall all of my software and settings.

The first thing that I found out was that it needed to install some C++ stuff. After I did the primary install I was informed that I could if needed undo and return to my old settings. PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant then had me select which computer to work on the settings first, I picked Old Computer, it then had me select which drives to include and exclude. Then it had me pick which applications that I wanted to migrate. Then it built what it called the Moving Journal. After that it had me save this information.

Then it was the install of Windows 7. Then after Windows 7 was installed I had to reinstall PCmover then restore. When I got to the restore of the Moving thingy after I pointed to it, in the next window I was shown as a selected file C:\Windows.old (the file that Windows 7 had made as a backup of my Vista) it then asked whether I wanted to Move or Copy my files from the backup location, then when I picked either one of those the next screen showed which drives that I had mapped from and what they now were and asked if they were what I wanted as my drives. Then in the next screen I was told that I didn't have room on drive C: to either copy or move. That pissed me off of course. I then copied that Windows.old file (48 gb) to a drive with that much room and deleted it from the C: drive. This was not easy. the entire folder was 48 Gb, Windows choked on it half way through three times. I had to copy it with FileBoss (shameless plug).

I then finally did the restore. Make sure that you get everything pointed correctly, like the Moving Van and your old Windows.

After the restore ran, it recommended rebooting, so I did. When Windows restarted after another advertising screen (lots of these scattered throughout the software) you get "StartUp This". It states that it has removed everything from your old startup and now you can pick and choose the ones you want to enable. When I clicked on "Run StartUp This" I got an error saying it could not run. I tried again a number of times after re-booting, but to no avail. So I had to manually work with the programs that I wanted to run on startup.

I've now been using the machine that I ran PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant on for more than two weeks. Am I satisfied, in a word, yes. Did all of my old software work, no. But most of it does, and you do have to remember that I upgraded a 32bit system to a 64bit system, there was going to be some software that wasn't going to work just because of that.

In conclusion I do recommend PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant. Did it work as smooth as I would have wanted, no but it did do the job and for $19.95 I'm satisfied.

The Upgrade Assistant does not work with 95/98/ME, they have another more costly version for that.

Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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