Type of Program: Windows game
Supported Platforms: Win 3.1, Win95, Win/NT
Company Name: MidStream Inc.
Version 2.0a
Price: US$ 19.95
Installed Size: 126 K


5-or-more is a Windows game, simple but addictive. The rules are quite simple. You have to remove as many game pieces as you can from the 9x9 game board. The pieces have various colours, and you can remove them after you lined, horizontally, vertically or diagonally, 5 pieces of the same colour. You can shift one piece per move, wherever you want, provided it can reach the position you indicated. If you, after the move, succeed in putting on the same line five pieces of the same colour, the five pieces will disappear from the board and you will be rewarded with points, otherwise 3 more pieces will randomly appear. Don't think it will be so easy, because just after few moves your board will be crowded with pieces, making really hard doing useful moves. Take care when you start playing: it's difficult have the willingness to quit the game. The only flaw? Two windows appearing too often, reminding you to register and the advantages you will gain for doing it.

User Friendly:  
Ease of Installation:  
Sound: Not Avalaible
Reviewed By Davide Di Lazzaro

Whom to Contact: MidStream Inc.
P.O. Box 862
San Bruno, CA 94066-0862
How to Pay: Cash, Check, MC, VISA, AmEx, Discover (CC orders from Public Software Library: P.O. Box 35705, Houston TX 77235-5705 Toll Free: 1-800-242-4775 Intnl.
Calls: (713)524-6394 Fax: (713)524-6398 Cserve: 71355,470) (Cite product Nr. #15146)

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