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Type of Program: Alarm Clock
Supported Platforms: Win 95 (separate archive for Win 3.1x)
Author's Name: Jeff Parker
Version: 1.6a
Price: US$15
Installed Size: 320KB


What an interesting gizmo we have here: an alarm clock. It's supposed to just about duplicate all the functions of a real, nice plastic alarm clock, plus maybe a bit more.

Aside from the usual stuff, this thing also can tell us what the alarm was for, and of course we can have multiple alarms, playing MIDI or wave files.

On the other hand, this CASIO wrist watch that sits right now just in front of the screen can do all that (scheduler, multiple alarms), minus the fancy wave things of course, plus store telephone numbers, give me world time, a timer and a stop watch for less than what Mr Parker is charging.

Well for what it's worth, it does everything that it's supposed to do pretty well: play a sound and show a few words on the screen whenever the system clock reaches a certain time either for a singular session, daily, monthly or annually. Also, the two reasons I don't usually use this wrist watch: the computer keyboard is a lot faster to use, and my computer speakers are a hell of a lot louder than this miniscule beeper in the watch (got almost a virtual ampitheather in here.)

Still, I'm sure there are many better programs out there that are cheaper.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Value for Money
Reviewed by Betanik

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