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Type of Program:Dream Keeper and Analysis programme
Supported Platforms:Win 3.1 Win95
Authors Name:Harry Bosma
Installed Size:3264kb


Alchera (the aborigine word for dreamtime) is a database for storing and analyzing your dreams. The windows interface opens up with two windows, which look like index cards. You type the details of your dream on the first card, and the thoughts you associate with the dream. These are listed by date and day, and a simple but effective search facility allows you to look through all the recorded dreams for a particular word or name that may have occurred in a previous dream.

Further windows allow you to enter characters, symbols and locations that appear in each dream, with details of gender, race, relationship and other factors. Yet more windows then produce graphs and pie charts which show the analysis of your dream compared to Hall/ Van de Castle scales.

This is where it all gets so complicated and scientific I gave up. Irritatingly, most of the numerous small windows will not minimize or close, so your desktop ends up covered in them, and the help is minimal, it assumes you know what the analysis actually means. The programme is a quasi-scientific one, and requires study of both the authors home pages and other reference works to be fully utilized. It is not a toy, it is a tool for analyzing dreams to look for clues to mental or physical problems, and requires a lot of prior knowledge and a deep interest in dream analysis.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Sue Abbott

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