AllPoints Feedback

Type of Program: Employee Evaluation Software
Supported Platforms:Win 95, Win 31, Win NT
Company Name:CenterPoint Systems, Inc.
Installed Size:8Mg


Evaluating an employee using the 360 degree feedback process is basically a simple idea. A group of maybe five or six people who deal internally with the employee provide feedback on areas such as communications and attitude, using a simple form.

The results are compiled and analyzed for areas of strength and weakness. So far so good- however the forms have to be designed, printed, distributed, monitored to make sure they are returned, and then the results have to be compiled and summarized. Which is a lot of work and can take up a great deal of time.

AllPoints simplifies and automates this process into a system any company can use. AllPoints feedback contains 5 different performance surveys, 15 performance categories, and over 200 evaluation question. Once the employee list has been fed in, the forms can be printed out with the appropriate names and department details already filled in, and each of the five types of forms (such as the popular Sales and Marketing one) can be editing to suit the needs of the individual company.

Monitoring the response returns is easy with AllPoints, and filling in the results is a very quick and simple job. The most powerful aspect of AllPoints is the reporting, which has been designed thoughtfully and with a real understanding of the needs of a manager when evaluating and monitoring staff. The reports available can show how performance is improving (or declining) and automatically calculate average scores, overall scores and the individual score for each area of performance such as communication skills or customer focus.

AllPoints would be a lot better with mouse-over ToolTips, they are standard in Windows software now and I kept leaving my mouse on icons waiting for them to tell me what they did. The Help file is good, plain English and easy to understand, but like most people I click first and read help later!

AllPoints takes a complex and time-consuming process and turns it into a quick, easily managed and useful management tool.

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