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Amazing Images Screensaver

Type of Program: Screensaver
Supported Platforms: Windows 95 or NT
Company Name: Esmsoftware
Version: 1.52
Price: $16.95
Installed Size: 400Kb


Watch your favorite JPEG,GIF,BMP or PNG images float gracefully about your screen with the Amazing Images screen saver for Windows 95 and NT. A true 32-bit application with a real Windows 95 look and feel. The easy to use, tabbed dialog interface makes customizing your screen saver a snap. This program is great! It can be used for home or work, everything from displaying a corporate logo to a specific product to your kid's, Dogs, etc you get the idea, My wife loved being able to put our Dog's up on the screen, it's easy to use, we used our scanner to get our photo's in, but there our lots of ways, either get a scanner, or have your photo's put on disk or if you don't want personalized one's & just want to make your own screen saver get them off the net. Once you have installed this, right click on your desktop then hit properties, then screensaver, tab down till you see Images, highlight, then just to the right is settings, all your controls are there! you can adjust Image size & movement background etc. We left settings at the default settings and it all worked perfect I think this is one worth keeping & registering, it's well worth 16.95. Make sure you have an unzipping program, like Winzip, you can get this at

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Reviewed by - Robert Fullenwider -

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