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Amazing JPEG Screen Saver

Type of Program: Screen Saver
Supported Platforms: WIN95/NT, 3.x version available
CompanyName: Ems Software
Version: 1.53
Price: $14.95 US
Installed Size: 219Kb


It should come as no great surprise that choosing a screen saver is a very personal, subjective exercise. What I might find appealing, others might consider to be a great bore. I am sure we have all experienced the situation where we have found a description of a screen saver that sounded very interesting, we have downloaded the file and installed the saver, only to be very disappointed with some aspect of the program. Then off it comes and we continue our search.

The Amazing JPEG Screen Saver is a saver with a difference. First, as it's name implies, it will show only Jpeg's, secondly, you do not have to rely on what is supplied with the program, rather, you use your own library of images. This idea appeals to me far more than simply having to accept what someone else thinks I want on my system.

Installing the saver is fairly straightforward. Unzip the program and then move three files to your Windows/System directory. Next go into Control Panel, click on Screen Saver and choose AJPEG32 as the saver. Next click on settings and you are presented with a good array of options from which to choose.

You can Select New Image to search your directories for Jpeg's, then click on the first of the images to make it your current file. Next you choose from the Image Movement section and here you have four options which are Float, Random Positions, Parade, or Stay Put. The Float choice moves your image around the screen in a very slow motion and is my personal favorite. Random jumps your image from one screen location to another ( go into Additional Parameters to adjust it's speed, I did not do this the first time and my eyes could barely keep up to the image ). Parade moves your image slowly across the screen in a straight line from left to right, then it reappears again at a slightly lower position to march to the right again. Stay Put is exactly as it implies with your image staying positioned in the center of the screen. You can choose Enable Screen Splits and Enable Progressive Loads. This option allows those with slower PC's to begin seeing the image form slowly on screen instead of a blank screen until the next image is processed.

Click on the Additional Parameters button and you can the Pause between image movements ( for the Random choice ), also the Image Step in pixels, the time each image stays on your screen before it changes and even the Image Size. The help file is more than adequate to answer any question you might have. Support for the program is offered via the author's Homepage and the program can be purchased by mail ( you can request it be e-mailed to you ), or by credit card. See the homepage for additional information.

In conclusion, I really liked this program and would highly recommend it for those of you who have a lot of Jpeg's and want to set up your own personal screen saver. A brief note about the "nag". As your image floats around the screen there is a single line at the top which states that this is a Demonstration Shareware Version of the program. I have my own personal theory about "nags" but I won't impose it upon those of you reading this review. It is enough to say that at least it is not too intrusive and does not hinder your ability to judge the programs merits. The price is right and it performs very well, can we ask for more. Well I guess we always do, don't we?

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Reviewed by Blain W. Jamieson

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