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AMF Daily Planner & Personal Information Manager

Type of Program: Personal Information Manager for Windows
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company/Author: AMF, Andrew Freeman
Version: 6.1
Price: $29.95
Installed Size: 6 meg.


Where to start with this immense program has been a hard choice. I guess I’ll start with this tidbit, AMF PIM is a 32-bit, fully network compliant, Internet enabled PIM (Personal Information Manager). It about does it all!

Working with the program is very easy, it’s not hard to learn, it takes a good while to investigate and use all it’s features but it’s worth taking a look at it. If you need a PIM, this is a good one!

One of my first choices that I find very useful it supports a full drag and drop interface. This makes it real easy to use. You have a perpetual calendar at you fingertips, and a daily planner, this I really need. AMF PIM really looks nice, but the many multiple features are make the program fly.

It contains a Rolodex Style Phonebook, Yellow Pages and White Pages with full searching capabilities included. This is really useful if you have lots of contacts to keep up with.

As with the other programs I’ve done reviews on, I still like the fact that it will minimize to the System Tray!

Next you will find a partial listing of its many features:

Support for up to 5 phone numbers per entry is included. Dial the phone, Fax Documents using Delrina’s WinFax Pro. Full CallerID support Instantly view the data of the incoming caller. Create business letters, schedule appointments with just a drag and drop. E-Mail your contacts with just one click using the built in e-mail client. Edit and save text files, print them in any font you want. Create beautifully formatted reports of all your phonebook entries. Fits many paper standards including those found in commonly found planners. Create envelopes and labels with multiple fonts and colors. Set up to 1,440 alarms per day, and set alarms in the future. Calculator and Clock A Personal Task List is included to balance daily tasks. View your appointments at a week at a glance. Anniversary, birthday, holiday reminders are a snap with the Event Master Repetitive Task Manager Mail Merge or Merge Print a letter to all your contacts. Go to your contact’s web page with just one click using your favorite WWW browser! Import data using .MDB Access databases Context sensitive help is included As you can see for yourself, this program is not a toy, it is definitely ranked as a great, useful utility. There is also a 16-bit version available at the AMF Website.

User Friendly:


Ease of Installation:


Sound & Graphics:
( looks, professional)
Reviewed By Martha Seward,
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