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Anawave Gravity

Type of Program: Newsreader
Supported Platforms:Win95,
Company Name:Anawave
Installed Size:4.48Mb


From the first moment the slick, quick and painless install routine starts up, you know this is going to be a good program. And it is - exceptionally good. The interface is attractive, clean and intuitive, the set-up is made very simple for you and the features list is most impressive. The ability to create kill-files (filters) is built in, three basic ones to protect you from spam are already set up. They can be applied to individual newsgroups or all newsgroups, a typical example of the high level of customization built into Gravity.

Anawave Gravity comes with a friendly, well illustrated tutorial for absolute beginners, and enough sophistication and features to please the very advanced user. It offers a unique image gallery for posting and viewing images, a customizable toolbar, a whole series of rules you can choose for the managing of the groups, and off-line working.

My absolute favorite feature is the ability to strip HTML from the groups before you see them - now THAT was designed by someone who actually understands how Usenet works and what makes life easier. Anawave Gravity is a well constructed, powerful and user-friendly newsreader, fast-moving and a delight to use.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Sue Abbott -

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