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Type of Program: Icon changing Utility
Supported Platforms: Win 95
Authors Name:Artem Lin
Version: Not stated
Price: $19
Installed Size:2.4Mb


AiryFolder is a program that makes using your computer more fun, much more cheerful and yet also makes life a lot easier. Have you noticed that every time you click on explorer view you are confronted with a long line of identical pale yellow folders? And you have to either remember where things are or scan the list of folder names.

With AiryFolder you will find an extra page on the properties sheet of each folder, which allows you to quickly change the icon to one of your choice. You can use the set supplied, or download some very attractive ones from the Internet, including the authors website. Installing AiryFolder is simple, unzip it, right click on the inf file and select install. Using it is even easier, just right click and select properties.

I made my Games directory into a bright red lunch box, and my Program Files folder into a classy green file. Just those two changes mean my eyes relax when I go to find a folder, I can find things much more quickly now the monotony of the folder list is broken up. The icons can be animated too!

AiryFolder is shareware, you can use it for twenty days, and is suitable for users from beginners to advanced. It uses the excellent KAGI system for registration, which is a trouble free program built into AiryFolder that steps you through the whole process.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Sue Abbott (

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