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Applet Button Factory

Type of Program:Java/Programming
Supported Platforms:Win95/Internet Explorer/Netscape
Company Name:Silicon Joy
Installed Size:920k


NOTE: This review is an updated version of an earlier review of this product done by another SharewareJunkie on an older version of this same program.

Some people like to code all their HTML on a straightforward basis; that is, never use another product such as a WYSIWYG editor. That's fine as I do a lot of "hard core" HTML coding as well because sometimes I just have to tweak it here and there that WYSIWYG editors can't give you. When it comes to programming in Java, that's a different story though. Besides sometimes being tedious, the applet I'm doing doesn't work out quite right.

This is when you need programs such as Applet Button Factory 1.3. Applet Button Factory does just that, it helps make those mundane tasks of coding JAVA type buttons much easier. You can crank out several types of buttons one after another; thus....the "Factory."

Since Applet Button Factory creates Java applet buttons for you without the user needing to write any Java or HTML code. you simply select how many buttons you want, the position of them (vertical or horizontal), the text you want on the button(s), the color, links, etc. and presto! Click on the "Make HTML" and you have all the code you need to place into your next Web project.

It looks like these people at Silicon Joy have planned on staying with this program as they keep making improvements and updates, so go ahead, lead your browser to their site and get registered. You will need to register anyway if you want your applets to run on a server. You can design and test the applets on your local hard drive, but they will not work over the Internet if it is not registered.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by The King

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