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Type of Program:Educational for children aged 8 - 105
Supported Platforms:Win3.1 Win95
Company Name:Alston Software Labs
Version:not stated
Price: $25 & $3 postage
Installed Size:2.68MB


This programme is designed to teach spelling, logic, memory skills and general knowledge to children aged 8 to 11. The bright, colourful opening screen offers a choice of three games, hangman - with a walk the plank theme complete with shark - matching the hidden pairs, and wordsearch. Every time you succeed in one of these puzzles, you earn coins in the bank, which can be used to play one of three games, a Tetris variant, an infuriating little rocket landing sim, and a space blaster. (The rocket landing is only infuriating because mine kept crashing, my 8 year old tester had no problem with it.) The whole concept is very simple and very effective, both the puzzles and the games are absorbing and fun to play, and teach something useful as an added bonus. The programme installs easily, runs without a hitch under Win 95, looks good and is very intuitive to use.

In fact I have only one fault to find with it. Why should 8 to 11 year olds have all the fun? Now where is that red triangle....?

Arcadia is shareware, fully functioning but with a limited number of puzzles and game levels.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Sounds (Dreadful tinny little thing - but you can turn it off)
Reviewed by Sue Abbott

You can purchase the full version of Arcadia, with over 100 word searchs, stacks more game levels and hangman words, and a free paint package, by credit card or cheque. The software documentation contains all the numbers and addresses.

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