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Arcadia (Test Drive)

Type of Program:Childrens Educational
Supported Platforms: Windows
Company Name: ASL
Price: $25 plus $3 shipping
Installed Size: 2.67 mb


This programs has 6 games contained within. The first three are : Concentration - Find all the matching pair to uncover a question on general knowledge . Plankman - A timed hangman that makes a guy walk closer to the edge of the plan for each incorrect letter guessed. Wordsearch - Search for pizza toppings or more. For each game won, the child gets coins which can be used to play one of the following three games Falcon Lander, Blocktris, and Space Hunt.
Making the kids earn the right to play the arcade type games Is a wonderful Idea. My nine year old and her friends have a great time playing this game and like to see how much they can earn. This is a must download for children aged 8-11.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Lisa Cline

To order with a credit card, in the USA call 1-800-242-4775 and specify product #14441. You can also order via fax at 1-713-524-6398 (especially if you're outside the USA) or you can call 1-713-524-6394.

If you wish to order by cash, check, or money order,
ASL P.O. Box 581 Ruidoso NM 88345

Tech Support is at (507) 368 - 9390, or email

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