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Art Deco Fonts

Name of the Program: Art Deco Fonts
Type of Program: Fonts
Supported Platforms: Win 3.1/95
Company Name:Elfring Soft Fonts
Installed Size:varies


The shareware version of this program offers you ten true-type fonts.

In one of the nicest install programs I've ever seen, you are shown a sample of each of the fonts, and you may select which fonts you wish to install. It even shows you how much space each font will take up!

The read me file explains how to uninstall individual fonts, or you can uninstall the entire application through Windows95's Control Panel/Add-Remove Program, or it has it's own uninstall program.

The fonts offered are attractive Art Deco fonts. While some are reminiscent of others we've seen, some of them are quite original, and the full set offers a good value for font junkies.

Note: The fonts are watermarked, so you'll need to buy the full program to get a "clean" set.

For $25.00 (plus shipping) you get a bountiful 56 font set, technical support (though I can't imagine what kind of trouble you would have!), and Elfring Soft Font's newsletter. Purchase can be made from their secure web site, (VISA or Mastercard) at, where you can pay and download the full package immediately, or by cheque or cash.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Laurie Dadswell

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