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Type of Program: Spreadsheet
Supported Platforms: DOS
Company Name: Trius Software
Revision Date: V:5.70d on June 15, 1996
Price: $69.00 plus s/h
Installed Size: 425k +/-
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Keeping up with its decade long tradition of excellence, AS-EASY-AS version 5.7 introduces many new features that once again set it apart from other spreadsheet programs. The new version includes features geared towards engineering and scientific analyses, as well as many general features to help you make the most out of any application. When I first got a PC I think this was the first DOS application I got as shareware, it did the job back then as a spreadsheet and it does it today. This is one shareware application that stays ahead of the competition, even in the commercial software arena.

New features in this version include abilities to Integrate complex functions, Calculate values of Bessel, Error, Beta and Gamma functions, Perform recursive formula iterations, Calculate Poisson and Gaussian distribution probabilities, Calculate skewness and kurtosis values and more!

Linear programming optimization tools allow users to model operations and calculate values of parameters to maximize profits, or minimize costs. True linear programming implementation and simple input requirements make models adaptable to everyday real life situations.

True 3-Dimensional perspective graphics with 5 types of graphs (Bars, Poles, Surface, Pyramids or XYZ) to create powerful presentations of one's data. Dynamically reposition the user's view by controlling the Roll, Yaw and Tilt angles...

Adding to the program's flexibility, the user is no longer limited to the hundreds of the built-in functions. With the new version the user may define up to 256 external functions, in a simple text file, and then use them over and over again with any worksheet! What's even better, such worksheets may be shared with others, WITHOUT having to distribute the function definition file! The user may define custom functions to handle financial, scientific, business, or any other type of calculations!

Other Enhancements include Multivariate regression, Color printing of graphs, ASCII delimited file output, File and Range password protection, New macros for user input validation, User definable format types, HPGL Output, VESA Graphics Support, and more...

The program costs only $69 (+s&h), while upgrades from earlier versions cost $19 (from v5.5) and $29 (from earlier versions) +s&h. Check the order form in the shareware version for foreign sales offices.

30-day evaluation copies may be downloaded from CompuServe, America On Line, or directly from the TRIUS BBS in the USA at (508-794-0762).

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Reviewed by Andrew Gnoza

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