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Atrax - The Web Publisher

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Type of Program: HTML Editor
Supported Platforms: Win 3.x, Win95, WinNT
Company Name: Winware Inc.
Version: 4.03
Price: $99 (but at time of review on special for $79)
Installed Size: 2236kb


If you are the creative sort and enjoy putting your ideas on the web, then Atrax 4.03 is an HTML editor that can make those ideas a reality. It installs in a flash and is ready to go. For those of you with minimal memory resources, you are in luck, because Atrax does not hog up RAM and bog down your system as some of the other web page editors I have used. At first glance the various toolbars and menus were a bit overwhelming, but the help files included with the software are so detailed and easy to understand that I was soon creating pages like a mad woman within just a few minutes.

Atrax is a WYSIWYG editor that has the templates, menus and included graphics to make designing an eye appealing page simple for the novice web publisher, and robust enough to include such fancy details as ActiveX, Javascript, forms and tables without having to know a lot of code. It uses drag and drop simplicity, making it simple to arrange or rearrange the elements of each page, and has an instant publish button which creates then displays each page in your web browser for your immediate viewing before having to upload it to the website. The only peculiarity with the Atrax program is that when it saves a file, it saves everything (the html pages, the graphics, etc) in its own file (.ax extension), making it difficult, if not next to impossible, to then edit these pages from within another editor. But the upside of this is that everything is right there in one file, and uploads all at one time so you don't spend hours hunting down the various components needed for each page. Also a nice touch is the fact that on their startup screen, they actually invite users to submit comments and suggestions for future versions of the program.

If you want to publish web pages that will get you noticed and make you proud of your design, then give Atrax a try. Its quality rivals that of any of the other editors currently out there, and in my humble opinion is far under rated. Atrax gives you a 30 day evaluation period, which is more than enough time to adequately put the program through its paces. Definitely worth a looksee, and... it made a believer out of me.

You can purchase this software from the company directly by several methods which are explained at their website, by either credit card, check or money order.

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Reviewed by Lisa Bohm

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