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Type of Program : DOS Text Editor
Supported Platforms: DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, NT
Company Name : nuText Systems
Version : 3.0c
Price : $39.95
Installed Size : 2.2 Meg for complete installation
1.3 Meg for 'lite' installation


Aurora is a DOS based text editor of uncompromising performance and features. Completely configurable in even the most minute detail, Aurora is a product that has it all.

The entire program can be made to look and act exactly as you would like it to; menus, screen colors, keyboard functions, etc. Done almost entirely from popup windows and dialog boxes the configuration process is very easy. However, even more fine tuning can be made using it’s extensive built in macro language, the Aurora Macro Language (AML).

AML is very close to most other high level languages, almost a cross between Pascal and C. Quite powerful and fairly easy to use AML offers access to the editor in an almost unheard of fashion. AML is so powerful that a significant portion of the editor was actually written using it. However, experience with AML is not necessary to use Aurora effectively.

Speed seems to be this programs biggest feature, and Aurora has a lot of big features. Every action responds crisply; file loading and saving, search and replace operations, scrolling and even printing.

Limits don’t seem to apply with Aurora either. Edit as many files in as many windows as you’d like, up to a total of 1 gigabyte. Unlimited undo and redo are just a keystroke away, so editing changes can be redone from as far back as you’d care to venture.

Aurora had no problems working with Windows 3.x, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95 and NT (version 3.51 and 4.0). Long file names are not currently supported though. Clipboard support is offered for the Windows 3.x products only.

All in all Aurora is a tremendous text editor, certainly worth the asking price. Anyone who’s editing tasks exceed the ordinary would undoubtedly benefit from Aurora (this review was written using Aurora).

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Reviewed by Jim Wilson

Aurora may be purchased in the following manner:
From the author
nuText Systems
P.O. Box 2405
Kensington, MD 20891-2405 USA
(check or money order)
From PsL
PsL (Specify item #10917)
P.O. Box 35705
Houston, TX 77235-5705 USA.
Voice: (800) 242-4775 (USA only) or (713) 524-6394 (orders only)
Fax : (713) 524-6398
(credit card, check or money order)

Email or CIS: 71355,470

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