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Type of Program: Automation
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name : Unisyn Software, LLC
Version: 3.8d
Price: free to try/$59.95
Installed size: 6M


AutoMate is an easy-to-use and powerful task-scheduling utility that's like putting your computer on auto-pilot. While you're having coffee or a good night's sleep, AutoMate will run all your system maintenance tasks, check your email, backup selected drives or folders, download files, launch specialized applications, and anything else you want to schedule -- whether you're there or not.

>From the minute you install, it's a breeze to use: > there's a wizard-based setup format that guides you through each step of developing your task schedule, with plenty of help windows and a built-in Macro Builder that offers a complete toolset for giving AutoMate precise instructions. All those routine tasks you SHOULD do on a regular basis, but lose track of, you can trust AutoMate to handle, worry-free. And AutoMate's scheduling calendar gives your great flexibility in scheduling options -- such as every X hours, only on weekends, etc -- with a built-in clock for fine-tuning even those time-critical events.

Automate can also be used to combine tasks, macros, program execution, and keystrokes into "multi-layer" macros -- useful for automating repetitive tasks, launching reminders, and sending command information between running programs, to name a few possibilites.

And you're always in control with AutoMate, since you can opt to manually intervene on certain portions of scheduled tasks, and AutoMate generates intelligent task reports to keep you informed of what's completed, what's been delayed, and what intervention may be needed on your part.

It's free to try for 30 days, and is completely functional during the evaluation period. If you decide to purchase and register, you'd select the "Standard' option in the registration window. (The "Pro" option provides advanced features, reviewed under the separate product heading of "AutoMate Pro" here at SharewareJunkies.Com.) Registered users of AutoMate can later upgrade to AutoMate Pro for $119.95.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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