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Type of Program:Spell checker for Mail and Notepad
Supported Platforms:WIN 3.1 WIN95
Company Name:CompuBridge, Inc.
Installed Size:1.9kb


I never could spell, and every spell checker I have tried, although some were good, always required effort on my part. I had to click on things to get a spell check, and spend ages configuring the software to find my applications, and teach it real English instead of American.

Not so with AutoSpell. It installed like a dream and gave me a choice of the many applications it supports, including Eudora, Notepad (Win 3.1 only), Microsoft Exchange, Netscape Navigator 3.0 and WAOL 3.0. Then it went away and found the right path, and provided a special icon for each application on the start menu. When I use this icon to launch one of the Autospelled programmes, the spell checker is activated. It is invisible, unobtrusive and incredibly polite. In Eudora, I wrote a mail and clicked "queue" and AutoSpell popped up and checked it for me. What was more, it had quietly found my custom dictionary from Office 97 with no hassle at all, so I did not have to tell it how to spell colour properly! Even without this, I could have used the British dictionary plug-in available on the home site.

AutoSpell 4.1 won’t report errors for commonly used Internet terms, newsgroups and address formats. The configuration window it provides for each application can be accessed through a shortcut on the Start menu, and is simple to use and understand. There is a neat little troubleshooting utility built in, any problems and you can run it by pressing one button, copy the resulting information into a mail and send it to CompuBridge technical support for a comprehensive answer to your query.

Regrettably it does not work with the version of Notepad I use, a freeware package called Super NoteTab, so this review probably has the usual number of spelling mistooks. As a spell checker for Eudora, it is a very useful utility indeed which has the added merit of being totally automatic and non-intrusive.

AutoSpell is fully functioning shareware, but a nag screen appears each time it is launched, and after 25 days it ceases to function.

User Friendly


Ease of Installation


Reviewed by Sue Abbott
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