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Type of Program: Spell Checker
Supported Platform: Windows 95/3x
Company Name: CompuBridge, Inc.
Version: 5.2.1
Price: free for Notepad, Notepad+
Installed size: 2.3M


AutoSpell is a flexible add-on spell checker that supports multiple-dictionaries and many popular word processing, text editing, mail, and newsreader programs. Get the Notepad and Notepad+ spell checker for free, whether or not you buy one of the additional packages. You can tailor your spelling, dictionary, and application options to suit your specific needs. Accessed within your programs via a menu-bar addition, easily reconfigured via tray icon access. 25-day evaluation period with a nag reminder. Optional add-on packages available at product's web page.

Pricing:$10 -- for Wordpad & CompuServe package, plus above free pkg. $14.95 -- above 2 pkgs, plus these: Eurdora, Netscape Navigator & Communicator, MS Exchange, MS Mail & News, Outlook Express, Pegasus, Editpad, Superpad, credit card purchase available

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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