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AY Paste

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Type of Program: Clipboard
Platform: Windows 95/NT
Company/Author Name: AY Soft/Andrey Yastrebov
Version: 1.1.0
Price: $14.95
Installed size: 100K


Everyone hates to type the sames things over and over again. And even if you're already using a clipboard-enhancement program to bail you out, AY Paste gives you a super-quick way to paste frequently used or repetitive information onto forms and documents. Whether it's an online order form or a form letter you insert boilerplate text into, AY Paste takes the tedium out of text insertion, saving you typing time, mistrakes, and frustration.

It's completely customizeable. Your text clips and scraps can be stored in as many different files, or "projects," as you like, each text clip being represented by a button on the AY Paste viewer. You can store up to 32K per button text, and have up to 100 buttons in one project. So, you can create different sets of button projects for match the different work projects you have.

Say you have a project called "orders," for pasting information on to order forms. Maybe you'd have buttons for Name, Street, City, Zip, VISA number, and so forth. Arrange the buttons any way you like, and edit the content at any time. How about a project called "boilerplate," for those repetitive letters going out to business contacts or customers: maybe you'd have buttons for commonly used paragraphs and taglines. (Just import your text from the clipboard to avoid retyping.)

The button orientation of AY Paste makes finding your target clips so fast you'll wonder how you ever thought the Windows clipboard was ever enough. And AY Paste works alongside any clipboard enhancement program you may have, without conflict, helping you organize all your most frequently used text scraps. It's compatible with any progam the Windows clipboard is, including all full-screen editors (like MS Word, Visual Basic, etc), Netscape, and Internet Explorer.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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