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AY Mail

Type of Program:Mailing list Mailer
Supported Platforms:Windows 95
Authors Name:Andrey B. Yastrebov
Installed Size:124k


The installation was very easy, it gave me the option of where to put it, then once I had chosen the location it offered to put it in an AY Mail folder in that location, nice touch.

The Interface is really intuitive. In other words if you want ease of operation for your mailing list, this program may be what the Doctor ordered. There are though, lots of options that can be used with this versatile program. You can specify exactly what the recipient will see in their email programs in the Subject field, From field and To Field.

This versatile program can also send attachments in MIME, UUENCODE, XXENCODE, and BINHEX. It is pretty hard to screw up in this program, like I said it is intuitive, plus the Help file really explains things thoroughly, but brief enough that you don't get confused or bored. There are Help files written specifically for reach section, so that if you have a question, in say the Headers Tab, (Everything, by the way is set up with a Tab system), just hit the question mark and up pops a help for that specific area. If you do screw up, when you hit the send button, up will pop an error message, telling you what you have done wrong and how to fix it.

I am not though too sure how fast the program is, since as you will find out when you try to send a message, that the Shareware version will only let you mail to 3 addresses.

Here are some of the features, with AY Mail you can send a message to about 2000 recipients per minute having been connected to the Internet with 28.8K modem Or you can make AY Mail to customize each message to include recipient name and/or address You can increase connection reliability by establishing limit of messages per session. You can customize headers for the messages you are sending You can attach up to 20 files to your message (choose MIME, UU, XX or BinHex encoding) Reformat feature allows you to reformat nearly any text file to match AY Mail requirements. If different recipients in your list need different encoding this is not a problem for AY Mail, Color highlighting through out helps to avoid mistakes. Project management commands allow saving settings for different tasks in different project files.

So, all in all if you need to send out mailings this program probably is for you, it's ease of operation, make it easy enough for the novice user, yet, the amount of options available makes it ideal for the advanced user.

Oh, I forgot the truly amazing thing. The download is 135k, the installed program takes up 124k!!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Support None Needed
Reviewed by O' Henry

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