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Type of Program: Information Utility
Supported Platforms: Win'95, Win NT
Company Name: BackWeb
Version: 1.2
Price: Free
Installed Size: 4MB + 6MB for each channel, default


Now here's another interesting information thingie (refer to my review on ProStream); here
instead of downloading a huge motherlode at once, it actually can download - and is intended to
- the information a little bit at a time.

Note that while other programs that look something like this can do that, with their recover
feature, this is the only program that actually anticipates it, and works totally in the
background. You don't even have to know that it's there.

The program is automatically put in your startup folder.

But here's a little disturbing fact: using the System Monitor, I found out that with this thing
idle in the background, while you're not even online, this takes up around 4% of my CPU
processing power - on a Pentium 133, that's slightly disturbing. So I've added this to my
Internet batch file (unfortunately only a few of you might know how to do this).

So far they've got around 30 servers or so, feeding information, for you to subscribe to (and
if you want your own server, the software is free too); you choose what you want.

Information comes to you quite unobtrusively - through your wallpaper, screen savers and
occasionally info flashes.

Of course I'm only touching on a few of the features here. You'll have to go to their homepage
(listed above) to try it for yourself.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Betanik

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