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Big Math Attack!

Type of Program: Educational
Supported Platforms: Dos Windows
Authers Name: Philp Kapusta
Version: 2.50
Price: To register $US9.95 + $US2 if you want the skill level editor
Installed size: 995 bytes


Big Math Attack! test your math, spelling, typing and metric conversion skills in a arcade type game. Five skill levels are available in the shareware and nine if you register it. The graphics are a little on the down side and so is the music. This game looks like it probability would run nicely on the 386 I have. The first shareware message is a bit of a pain but only lasts for about 5 seconds. My 10 year old sister likes this game a lot and its the only game she plays. The high score table is full of her names and I can't knock one off!! Creation of your own spelling lists is a good idea and is included in the shareware version as well. On the whole Big Math Attack! isn't a bad game for under 11 year olds.

User Frendly:
Ease of installation:
Reviewed by: Robert

At the end of the program a message comes up and then an order form. Fill out the order form, print it then send it with a check for $US9.95 + $US2 if you want the skill level maker in a envelope.

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