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 Bike Log


Type of Program:
Supported Platforms: IBM PC, Windows 3.1x or better
Company Name: Henning Associates
Version: 4.05
Price: Shareware, $15 to register
Installed Size: 172k


Bike Log is a program for tracking your bike ride statistics. It can be adapted for use by any rider from a recreational/exercise level to a racer. The user can configure the program to accept entries from three different bicycles. The program tracks daily ride stats including mileage, time, route/conditions (a text entry field) and two fields that can be configured by the user. It will compute average speed from the user's time and mileage entries, or it will figure ride time from average speed and mileage entries. Used in concert with a basic bicycle-mounted computer, which can be had for under $20, this program is a goldmine for the rider who is motivated by their progress.

Bike Log can produce standard graphical output of your rides, and it allows the user to create custom graphs to suit individual needs. A couple quick mouse clicks or keystrokes yield ride statistics for the entire year. All log statistics and graphs are printable.

I have used Bike Log for almost a year, to keep track of rides on my three bikes, and I have been very pleased. It's easy to enter my daily ride data, and it doesn't take more than a couple minutes each day. The displays and printouts of my ride data are very motivating, and I hang them on my cork board for motivation. The best part of the program is that I am riding more often, and my rides are of a higher quality, due to the motivation of seeing my rides tracked by Bike Log.

Used in concert with stats pulled from a basic bicycle-mounted computer, which can be had for under $20, this program is a goldmine for the rider who is motivated by their progress. NOTE: For riders unfamiliar with "bike computers", this program doesn't need any special interface beyond your IBM-compatible PC. The bike computers mentioned in this review are separate from this program, and are somewhat like a digital watch that keeps track of distance, speed, cadence, etc. while mounted to your bicycle. They are not a necessary component of this software program.

This program has a 30-day "try before you buy" option. If you register the software, by paying $15, you receive registration information and a copy of the most recent version of the program on floppy disk.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
The support for this product is easily accessible using the following
?AOL - ?Compuserve - ?MSN - ?phone (voice/fax) 800-823-6896
Purchase: Print registration form from downloaded version, send with
payment (check, money order) to Henning Associates

Reviewed by: "Skerry" Kerry Krueger

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