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Billing Manager PRO

Type of Program:Financial
Supported Platforms:Win 95
Company Name:M & R Technologies, Inc.
Installed Size:1.40 Mb


I had a small problem on the Install. First of all the install procedure is flawless. It gives you the opportunity to browse to the location where you want the program installed. Also it lets you decide where you want the program icons located. Now for my problem, after the install procedure was finished, I received a Windows error of this program has overwritten a file, namely commctrl.dll with an older version, and Windows may not work correctly until you restart. The shortcuts to the program then were invalid. When I rebooted I manually put in the shortcuts to the program files and everything, including my system, worked fine.

Now for the Nitty Gritty. When you do the Install you are told that the best way to get started with the program is to see the FAQ in the Help File. Good pointer and what a FAQ it is! This is one of those now endangered species that has a complete Help file. The FAQ file is where you start. It is really useful, so don't pass it up. One of the things the FAQ informs you of is that there is a test company file pre-installed, a really useful feature. They could have called this program "Billing for Imbeciles" In other words the in and outs of billing and invoicing are explained in minute detail. Though the interface is intuitive enough that you will probably figure it out in quick order.

Here is what you get, a program that can manage all of the billing for up to 32,000 companies. It will keep track of, and print out everything you need for your companies billing. Invoices, statements, reports, even the envelopes for your customers bill. Repeat Billing cycles, different discount rates, taxes, returns, all provided for.

In conclusion if you are looking for a program at a reasonable price that will take care of all your billing needs, look no further.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Marge Planchon

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