Internet Cache Explorer and Netscape Cache Explorer


Internet software
Windows 95 only
created by Matthias Wolf
installed size : less than 200 KB
price DM 29 / US$20 (each)

First of all, I got to tell you that these are two different programs. They're created by the same person, so they have similar function and capabilities. The objective is to use your browser as an off-line browser.

IE Cache Explorer and Netscape Cache Explorer, just like the title explores your browser's (it has to be IE or Netscape) cache folder. It arranges the list of sites you recently visited in an Windows Explorer-like look. On the left windows is the list of severs, listed like folders, and on the right are files from the server. You can even do a search on the cache.

Have you ever tried opening a html file from Netscape cache folder manually? It's like trying to find file m@#asf$(d among files like m)^%(aa^sdf and m8^j302asd3^. When you do find the file you're looking for, you open it in your Netscape, the links within the same server are broken, and what's worse the images don't show.

If you use cache explorer, the links are restored, and images are shown fine. Well IE user may not have the problem of looking in file m25asd@#&, but using cache explorer really beats looking at the un orderly history folder.

This (oops) these cache explorer can't be put into full use is if you only have a small cache, like less than 5 MB. Such a small cache won't allow you to see places you've visited a while ago. Well, that's one weakness.

Another one is that you have to see the files in your browser. You can't double click and open the program associated. You have to see it in the browser.

Besides those two, I can't see anything bad. Nag screen isn't annoying, and installation is very simple. You just unzip, and the program is ready. No need to put it in a certain directory, it just search the cache by itself. You can make a shortcut yourself if you want to.

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Reviewed by Eric R. Natanael

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