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Type of Program: Email Client
Supported Platforms: Win 95, NT 3.51, 4.0
Company Name: Micro Computer Systems Inc.
Version: 2.2.0
Price: US$ 59.95
Installed Size: 3.18 Megs


When you think about an email client, the first thought almost inevitably is for Eudora. But in the vast area of email programs there are many that work, if not better, at least as good as Eudora. Calypso is one of these. Both the versions, full and lite (freeware), sport more or less the same Eudora’s features. The full version is highly customizable, allowing multiple accounts and mailboxes, each with its own password, address book and preferences. You can customize signature(s), how and when check for, retrieve and send mail, multiple recipients functions, and so on. Calypso has also a spell checking function, and allows the filtering of incoming mail. The interface has a good frame-like appearance, it’s clear and easy to use. It has, also, a very useful feature which lets you preview a message retrieved before opening it full screen. The lite version doesn’t allow multiple users, hasn’t the spell checking, the filter function, and other lesser functions, and doesn’t support IMAP4. Well, if you have been using Eudora for a long time, probably you won’t change it for another client, but if you have to choose your first email program, Calypso will be good for you, whichever version you decide to use. It’s a solid program which performs honestly the tasks an email client is expected to fulfill. It never let you down.

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Reviewed By Davide Di Lazzaro

Whom to Contact: Micro Computer Systems Inc., 2300 Valley View Lane, Suite 800, Irving TX 75062 Phone: (972) 659-1514 Fax: (972) 659-1624. Email:
How To Pay: MC, VISA, Discover

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