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Type of Program: Graphics, Screen Capture Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: Application Techniques, Inc.
Version: 6.0
Price: free to try/ $34.95
Installed size: 3.1 M


Once you've given CaptureEze97 a whirl, you'll never want to do screen captures the "old fashioned" way. This powerful 32-bit utility does a whole lot more. Capture entire screens, selected windows or objects off the screen, and even scrolling Internet pages that are longer than the viewable screen. CaptureEze97 also acquires images from the clipboard and any TWAIN compatible scanner or digital camera.

And this is just for starters. Captured and acquired images can be enhanced, sized and manipulated without your having to launch a separate photo/paint type program. CaptureEze97 supports 18 different graphic file formats, so it's a great file conversion tool too, and you have complete control over color, B/W, and contrast controls. Add text to images, give them framed or shadowed print borders, and have every image automatically cataloged so your saved projects stay organized.

When you need to locate a saved image, CaptureEze97 allows you to view thumbnails of each file, even the whole catalog, without having to take time to open each file up. It has many automatic save and print options too, in case you'd rather have immediate output. One especially nice print option is the ability to make tabloid and poster sized prints, using any kind of printer.

And if these features of CaptureEze97 don't win you over yet, here's one attribute that's near and dear to my heart: it lets you work so fast! Yes, I have other photo/paint programs with many of the graphics and conversion features I've mentioned, but here's the rub. You have to capture with your Hotkey, go get your paint/photo program, wait for it to load.....copy in from the many steps was that again? With CaptureEze97, just click on Hotkey, and it loads in a snap. No waiting. And for all its features, CaptureEze97 is easier to use than my other programs, so I've started importing my images into the CaptureEze97 catalog. It's much easier to find them that way.

And another thing, minor to you, but not to me. It takes the aim of a marksman to crop images (in one try at least) in most of the paint/photo programs. Thus, I really like the cross-hatch cropping method you use in CaptureEze97 -- I don't need surgeon's hands or 15/20 vision to get the perfect result first time, every time. (I do a lot of cropping.)

You can try out CaptureEze97 free for 45 days, so see for yourself. It centralizes so many image-related tasks, you'll enjoy how much faster you can work. And how easy it is to stay organized as your image collection grows. The evaluation version is completely functional, with a reminder/ordering screen on startup.

Credit card orders are accepted by telephone at (800) 433-5201. (Outside US, dial (978) 433-5201) For mail and FAX orders, click on the "Print Order Form" button on the reminder/ordering screen. Registered users will receive by mail a boxed retail copy of CaptureEze97, which includes software, documentation and technical support information.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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