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Car Organizer

Type of Program: Organizer
Supported Platforms: Win95/NT/3.1
Company Name: Primasoft
Version: 2.1
Price: 30.00
Installed Size: 4-MB


PrimaSoft Car Organizer lets you keep track of full information on your automobile collection. It's a complete database system that uses a Notebook style interface, right down to letter tabs. Data entry is easy, and you can customize the fields to fit your particular needs. Standard fields include manufacturer, drive type, year, price, performance information, and so on, plus an attachment, a large free-form notes field, a graphic of the item, and even a phone number that can be auto-dialed for tech support or customer service on the item. Other features include import/export of data in text or DBF format, good printed reports, easy search capabilities, launching of your Web browser, and label printing. PrimaSoft Car Organizer is powerful but easy to use. The program organizes and displays the data efficiently, so that the information is readily accessible in a variety of ways, You can Capture graphic images directly from the program, Theirs Templates for adding new records, printing reports, printing labels. This program can be especially useful for individuals collecting information about different car models, car dealers who want to create a "virtual car catalog" individuals shopping for a new car who want to compare different cars etc, They also have several other organizers for things like sports cards & others It also has a good help & tip sections, Try it!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by - Robert Fullenwider

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