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Type of Program: Specialized Book Database
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1 or higher
Company Name: FNProgramvare
Version: 3.20
Price: $39 + $6 shipping
Installed Size: 1.45 megs (at start; increases as you add records.)


This excellent little program catalogs your book collection in a relational database. Lots of programs do that, but Catbooks has been particularly well designed and implemented. In addition to a complete bibliographic citation (title, author, publisher, ISBN, publication date, and edition) there are slots for condition, purchase date, book type, previous title, number of pages, and book location, and nine blank slots for user-defined categories. Additionally, there is a well-designed, very informative help file (how many of those have you seen recently?), a good search engine, a memo pad for notes on each entry, and a report generator with value totals for insurance purposes. There is even a window for storing a picture with each record.

If you're getting ideas about cataloging things other than books with this program, hold that thought. Catbooks is one of a series of cataloging programs from the same publisher; others include stamp collections, videos and laserdisks, and music. Even if none of those exactly meet your needs, try cataloging journal articles, software titles, or photographs with Catbooks. (You'll need a good scanner for the latter.) Virtually anything that's copyrightable would fit with the categories in this program, particularly when supplemented by the nine user-definable categories.

Now if you only had someone to type in all the entries.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Support: unknown. little appears necessary.
Reviewed by Gail B.C. Marsella

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