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Type of Program: Automated software updating service
Supported Platforms: Win95, Win 3.1
Company Name: Manageable Software Services,Inc.
Version: 1.1
Price: FREE
Installed Size: 1.4MB


The Catch-UP calls itself "the Internet's first automated software updating service" and I call it a godsend. I read about it in a computer magazine and I ran and downloaded it. It has since become one of my favorite, "can't do without" utilities.

Catch-UP is a software updater for (both 16 and 32 bit) shareware applications. If you download and use lots of shareware like me, you will wonder how did you did without it. I get my shareware from many different sites, and it used to be a pain to constantly check back at those sites to see if there are newer (and invariably better) versions. Catch-UP takes care of that problem by finding the latest releases of all your favorite shareware and giving the option of downloading the new versions or not. The company Manageable software has a huge list of shareware (including Netscape) that they keep track off.

Catch-UP searches your hard drive for applications and then displays the results on your browser. You choose which applications you want or don't want to be updated and this info is submitted to the Catch-UP Server (you have to, of course, be online). You then get a list of possible updates and in most circumstances, you can download right there without having to go to the company's homepage. And now that you have downloaded your updates, you can rest easy.
It is that simple!

The only difference between Catch-UP and OilChange is that OilChange costs you $35 and it can update software as well as shareware. If you don't use a lot of shareware, then maybe this isn't the program for you. But for all you shareware fanatics (myself included), run DON'T WALK to download this program.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Ayodele Locke

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