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Type of Program: Entertainment/Stress relief
Supported Platforms: Windows/Windows95/Macintosh
Company: PF Magic (
Version: unknown
Price: $19.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling
Installed Size: about 2.5 meg


Catz is a program that gives you a live-in computer pet. The version that you download is really crippled and limits you to two fifteen minute sessions with the five "kittenz" that you can choose from. Installation is very easy. Once you register the program it unlocks some of the features but, you have to wait seven to ten days until your CD or Floppies arrive via snail mail to get all of the features up and running. I personally can't wait! Once you "adopt" a kitten you can pet it, feed it, play with it and just about anything else you would do with a real kitten (except empty a litter box). The program doesn't interfere with any other program that you may have running at the same time if you keep the kitten in its "playpen". You also have the option to let it roam over your desktop. Over time the kitten grows into a full grown cat and actually develops its own unique personality depending on how you treat it. Each kitten starts out with a pre-determined "personality". One is skittish, another is somewhat aggressive and so forth. There is also a mouse that comes out at random to keep the kitten/cat entertained while you work on other projects. Another feature is a built in screen-saver with optional password protection. Support is available via phone or e-mail. If you have children or if you are just a big kid this is a must have program!

User Friendly:
Ease of installation:
Reviewed By: Jeffrey Riblett

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