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CD Streamer

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Type of Program:Hi-fi CD compression
Supported Platforms:Windows 95/NT4
Company/Authors Name:SuperPlanet, Inc.
Installed Size:5 MB


This neatly-presented, easy to use software will take a track from an audio CD, and convert it to a RealAudio file. Unlike most products of the genre, there is no discernible loss of quality or tone. It is simple to "stream" a selection of your favourite tracks from your audio CD collection, and create your own personal playlist.

Installing is quick and slick, and operation is completely intuitive. The Help file looks good, but to be honest I only looked - I did not actually need to use it. A simple tabbed interface which looks attractive and uses conventional "tape player" buttons make everything obvious.

I have a five CD pack of "seventies greatest hits",half of which are not hits at all. Normally I have to set the CD player software to play only those tracks I like, and keep swapping CDs. If I need to put a CD in the drive for other reasons, such as a clip art collection or running software, I cannot have music. With CD Streamer I was able to create a private playlist incredibly quickly, which I can then enjoy even if the CD is busy.

A very strong feature is the good-tempered and undemanding programming - somebody wrote this software really expertly. I am playing my new list as I type this, and I also collected my email and surfed over to the SuperPlanet site to check on something. The playback never faltered or slowed down at all, it continued to croon "A Perfect Day" for me and Lou Read did not sound a semi-quaver off pitch!

CD Streamer will also stream WAV files, and offers several levels of compression to help manage a music collection. The resulting real Audio files are much smaller than MPEG-3 yet have a very high quality. CD Streamer is a very well designed and effective sound utility I would recommend to anyone -especially any else who bought the five-CD collection of seventies hits.

The product is 30 day shareware. You can buy CD Streamer by encrypted email, secure web site, phone fax or regular email, using any major credit card.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Sue Abbott
( Hey! A full set of five! It is ages since I found software good enough for that...)

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