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CD-Quick Cache for Windows 95

Type of Program: Utility ( CD Rom Speed Enhancement )
Supported Platforms: Win 95/3x
Authors Name: Circuit Systems
Version: 2.01
Price: 29.00
Installed Size: 736-KB


With this program you will notice a difference, especially if you have a slower CD-ROM, It is a lot more noticeable the slower the CD-ROM you have, this is the only one I’ve tried that actually makes a difference & by using the hard drive instead of Ram it won’t decrease system performance like other programs of it’s type. The program, which loads as a Windows 95 Virtual Device Driver (VxD), uses an intelligent caching algorithm and dynamic read-ahead buffering to ensure top performance. CD-Quick Cache includes QuickMon, a utility that shows the total reads requested by your CD-ROM application and how many reads CD-Quick Cache has saved, and is used to change the configuration settings (without forcing a reboot). CD-Quick Cache is compatible with virtually all CD-ROM drives supported by Windows 95 and that use a 32-bit driver. Their is a screen you have to close when Win 95 loads in the unregistered version, other than that it’s totally automatic! If you're tired of waiting on your pokey CD-ROM drive, CD-Quick Cache for Win95 can add some speed to your 1X or your 12X CD-ROM. This can be purchased at their Web site or by Snail mail, Try it!..

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Reviewed by - Robert Fullenwider

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