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CD Wizzard

Type of Program: Audio CD Player
Supported Platforms: Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0
Company Name: BFM Software
Version: 4.23
Price: $22.95
Installed Size: 1 meg.


Want to do more than just hear your audio CD's? Then you've found the right program. CD
Wizzard has a unique feature that will allow you to retrieve that data for each of your CD's.
All you have to do is type in the Title of the CD and/or the name of artist, then tell it to
retrieve the information. I tried this with many CD's and it found all but one of them, that
particular CD was one off brand, no name label, nothing lost there! There is a nag screen after
each session of retrieving information, but the software is not crippled. You have 30 days to
try it, if you like it and continue to utilize this program you are obligated to register it.

CD Wizzard will create a database for you will all your CD's logged, with the following
information: Disc Name, Artist, Composer, Label, Category, 2 optional fields, date, Disc ID
number, Disc length and a section for you to make comments. It makes a really nice printout,

CD Wizzard is programmable in most every aspect you can imagine. It sits nicely in the system
tray displaying whatever you tell it to show. It presents a nice on screen display, also! You
will find on screen a full spectrum analyzer that really works!

If you really enjoy listening to your music, this program is a good one!

Following are the system requirements:
1) 486 or higher processor
2) Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
3) Mouse or other pointing device
4) Color monitor - High SVGA resolution recommended.
5) CD-ROM drive

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Sound & Graphics:
Reviewed By Martha Seward

How to purchase or register: Shareware: Free to try, $22.95 if you decide to keep it. Order online by secure server, Visa, Mastercard and American Express

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